Governor Announces New Color-Coded 'Blueprint' to Reopen the Economy

Dec 8, 2020

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The Color-Coded 'Blueprint': A Path to Economic Recovery

The Governor's recently announced color-coded 'blueprint' presents a roadmap for reopening the economy, taking into account various factors such as infection rates, testing, and hospital capacity. This comprehensive approach ensures the safety of businesses, employees, and customers while gradually returning to normalcy.

Understanding the Color-Coded System

The color-coded system categorizes regions and counties into specific tiers based on the risk level of COVID-19 transmission. Each tier represents a different level of restrictions and guidelines, allowing businesses to make informed decisions while adapting to the evolving situation.

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Eric Smelser
This new color-coded blueprint sounds like a smart approach to reopening the economy. Looking forward to seeing how it will be implemented.
Nov 10, 2023