Andrade Named Public Defender for Merced County

Jan 6, 2023

About Andrade's Appointment

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Andrade as the new Public Defender for Merced County. With years of experience in the legal field, Andrade brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this crucial role.

Merced County Public Defender's Office

The Merced County Public Defender's Office is responsible for providing legal representation to individuals who have been charged with crimes and cannot afford to hire an attorney. The office plays a vital role in ensuring that all defendants receive fair and just representation in the court of law.

Andrade's Dedication to Justice

Throughout Andrade's career, they have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to upholding justice and defending the rights of individuals. Their passion for the law and their meticulous approach to each case have earned them a stellar reputation in the legal community.

Services Provided by the Public Defender's Office

The Public Defender's Office offers a wide range of services to support their clients throughout the legal process. Some of the key services include:

  • Legal representation in criminal cases
  • Counseling and guidance for defendants
  • Negotiating plea deals
  • Investigating the charges against clients
  • Providing specialized defense strategies

Why Choose Andrade as Your Public Defender?

Andrade's appointment as the Public Defender for Merced County brings a fresh perspective and a commitment to excellence. Their client-focused approach ensures that each individual receives personalized attention and a strong defense.

With a deep understanding of the criminal justice system and extensive trial experience, Andrade is well-equipped to handle even the most complex cases. Their ability to analyze evidence, build compelling arguments, and effectively communicate in the courtroom sets them apart from their peers.

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Lori Thompson
Congrats to Andrade on becoming the new Public Defender for Merced County! 👏🎉
Oct 16, 2023